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Heterophobia vs. Homophobia

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Phobia – a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. Aversion, hatred.

Personally, I don’t care what other people do in their bedroom. What really gets on my nerves is a conversation that took place. I’m going to warn you that this is kinda graphic.

An older (46) friend of mine was talking about his prostate exam and another guy with us made a joke, and asked how many fingers the doctor used in his ass. My friend said 2, which I find hillarious because most guys have big hands. Now, me and the other guy are ROFLMAO, because he was showing us how the doctor had to check.  We kept laughing and he called us childish and homophobic.

Don’t get mad at me cause some grown man you don’t know had his fingers in your ass. If you tell me some shit that’s funny, I’m laughing and I don’t care how mad you get, point blank. Here’s where the story starts to get strange.  The other guy asks my friend if he lets his wife fuck him with a strap on.  And what do you know, my friend says he would.  “That’s some gay shit.” is exactly what I said, and he replied with his homophobic accusation again.

Nigga if you gay and like shit stuck in your ass, just say the shit, and we’ll respect it.  Don’t pretend to be a straight dude that likes gay shit from time to time. Its like being a straight – Gay Porn Star (this dude – another story for later). His defense to it not being gay was that its not a real dick, and a female is doing it.  A dick is a dick, whether its plastic, glass, or flesh. This dude is gay.

I’m as heterosexual as they come. If not wantin another man’s fingers in my ass is homophobic, oh well. If I don’t want to wear skinny jeans with my ass out like gay niggas in prison, and I’m homophobic because of it, so be it. And if you look back up at the definition, I have a compelling desire to avoid doing gay shit. So yes, I guess I’m HOMOPHOBIC… which leads me to this question…

If gay people have a desire to avoid doing heterosexual shit… doesn’t that make them Heterophobic?


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