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Accidents and STDs

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I always use this argument when someone brings up their concern about sex with random people and the risk of catching something. Lets run some statistics and see if it makes sense to worry about STDs or if its just media hype. I grabbed the most recent statistics for this, so feel free to follow up on it yourself.

Current U.S. Population: 306,329,994

2007 – STD Statistics

1,051,875 people have been diagnosed with AIDS in America
40,920 people were diagnosed with Syphilis (curable)
1,108,374 people were diagnosed with Chlamydia (curable)
355,991 were diagnosed with Gonorrhea (curable)

These are the most common STDs that were reported to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). As you can see, 3 out of 4 are curable. Now lets look at car accident statistics.

2005 – Accident Statistics

6,420,000 accidents reported
2,900,000 injuries reported
42,636 deaths reported

Lets add the numbers up.

2,557,160 Total STD Cases
6,420,000 Car Accidents

From the looks of it, you are 3x more likely to get in a car accident than to catch an STD. You are also 6x more likely to get in a car accident than to catch an INCURABLE STD like AIDS. So why are people so worried about STDs and not car accidents?

You get in and out of vehicles multiple times per day, so lets see how the odds start to line up. Lets keep it simple and use the 1:3 ratio.

You get in your car, lets say 2 times per day, 5 days per week. That’s 10 times per week. 40 times per month.

Now lets say you have sex with one random person per week for a month. That’s 4 random people per month.

For those of you doing the math, you are in the car 10x more than you are having sex with random people. You’re about 30x more likely to get fucked up in a car accident than catch an STD. What I didn’t cover is the fact that everytime you do something, your odds actually increase, but I’m keeping it simple here.

Car companies need to make money, so they don’t tell you to stop driving, they just add more “safety” features so people don’t think about it. The health companies make a killing on condoms, medicines, and treatments.

Everyone can’t just go out and buy a new car, but almost anyone can go out and buy condoms and penicilin. 75% of STDs are curable and 0% of car accidents are curable.

Ok, so lets apply this to reality. You are 3x more likely to get in an accident on the way to fuck a random person than you are to catch an STD from that person. You are 3x more likely to get in an accident on the way back home from fuckin that random person. Now for the exponential math. You don’t add 3 and 3, you multiply it. So a trip to and from a random fuck meeting makes you 9x more likely to get an accident than to catch an STD.

I’m also pretty sure an airbag, seatbelt, or a condom wouldn’t be of any use in that situation. So, am I worried about catching an STD? Not as much as I’m worried about going to pick up that random chick I wanted to fuck.



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