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Adam, Eve, and Dinosaurs

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Question: What came frist adam and eve or the dinasours. sorry about the spelling?

Answer: Good question. According to Genesis 1:20-23 Sea Creatures came before the land animals (5th day).  In Genesis 1:24-31 God creates all land animals and man (6th day). That would include the dinosaurs, and they would have been first.  Now that I’ve answered that, I’ll address the next obvious problem. The age of dinosaurs, the earth, and mankind.

The average person doesn’t know that Carbon 14 is used to date things. The older something is, the less reliable the dating process. It is also only accurate when measuring THOUSANDS of years and not MILLIONS of years. Science is supposed to be completely unbiased and based on observation and testing, but it approaches everything with a bias toward evolution.

When Adam and Eve sin in Genesis 3, the earth is changed, including the atmosphere. Scientist know that in order for Pteradactyls to fly, the atmospheric pressure would have to be twice what it is today. There is lots of evidence in cave drawings, fossils, and historical eyewitness accounts of people living along side dinosaurs. The Bible describes at least 2.

1. Behemoth (Job 40:15-24) – Some large creature that lives on land and in water. 2. Leviathan (Job 41) – A large scaled creature that spears can’t pierce and puts fear in men’s hearts at just the sight of it. It also blows smoke and fire much like the dragons of “myth” in many cultures. I only say “myth” because its a common term. Many cultures in different parts of the world believe in the same types of creatures, so chances are they really existed.

I’ll also throw you another bit of information that you won’t dig up unless you know what to look up. Check out the Ice Age. There are actually FULL GROWN mammoths, frozen in blocks of ice still chewing grass, and have undigested food in their stomach. A strange instantaneous event occurred that wiped out tons of life, but preserved a lot at the same time. There is also a chance that they have full dinosaur specimens too, but that would completely destroy the entire theory of evolution if it were released to the public. Follow the rabbit hole.


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