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Angels and Demons – Movie Review

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ok, I saw this movie last week, but it was so garbage that I didn’t want anyone else to go see it based on what I wrote. If you haven’t seen it, buy the book, its 100x better. Oh yeah, SPOLERS AHEAD!!!

1. My first problem with the movie is CERN, why the fuck isn’t it a major factor in the movie? In the book, 90% of the story was based around CERN’s super collider.

2. The girl’s science “partner” in the movie is really her dad in the book. Its part of what makes it look like other things are going on.

3. The director of CERN is completely left out of the movie, and he is a main character in the book.  In fact, most of the book, you think he’s the guy behind the Illuminati.

4. All of the kidnapped priests die in the book, Not just 3.

5. The assassin has no idea he’s working for the Catholic church… He does in the movie…

6. Langdon and the girl fight and kill the assassin… Not in the movie…

7. There is also a fight scene between Langdon and the assassin in the book when the priest is drowning… Not in the movie…

8. Langdon goes up in the helicopter with the Carmelengo at the end and survives the explosion… Not in the movie…

9. The Carmelengo lands on the roof and pretends its a miracle… Not in the movie…

10. The Carmelengo fakes a vision that leads him to the canister in Peter’s tomb… Not in the movie…

11. The Carmelengo burns himself on the roof in front of everyone and doesn’t scream… he kills himself inside and screams in the movie…

There’s probably a whole lot more to mention, I just don’t feel like going on and on about how fucked up this movie was… Don’t go see it…


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