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Bitter Sweet Upgrades

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Yesterday, I thought I’d surprise my girl, so when she go off work, I told her I had a surprise for her. We went to Ultimate Electronics and walked around looking at T.V.s and that’s all. LOL. She was sooooooo mad. She told me she thought I was going to buy a new t.v. for the living room. I asked her was she surprised that I didn’t, and she said yes, but it was a disappointing suprise.

Next I drove to K-Mart where we have had a t.v. on layaway for a few weeks. My boy was supposed to get us a t.v. for real cheap, so I figured I’d just put one on layaway and if he came through, I could get my money back. If he didn’t come through, I could still buy another t.v. So last night, I told her we had to take the t.v. off layaway and wait a while before we got it.

The t.v. was nice 42″ Flat screen that hooks up to the computer, dvd player, cable, and various other devices all at the same time. She was pretty upset. When I got there, we noticed that the 40″ Flat Screen had a better picture quality, so I had the guy switch it out and I bought it. That really surprised the shit out of her. I spent all that time making her disappointed so I could surprise her with a brand new t.v.

I love it. I’m typing this on it right now. If you can afford to upgrade your t.v. and computer screen all at once, make the investment. You’ll never want another small ass computer screen again…

Now for the bitter part. I have to get rid of this big as computer desk and my wireless mouse doesn’t reach to my couch. I also have to buy a wireless keyboard and now I have to sit on the floor to use the comp. Oh well, here’s a pic of the new set…


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