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Black Guys And Trickin

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Somewhere in the world, the myth was started that black guys don’t trick or pay for pussy. LMAO. Let me correct this myth.  Black guys DO trick… prime examples: Flo Rida and T.I.

“Fuck makin it rain, I’m makin it snow.” – Flo Rida
“You can have whatever you like.” – T.I.

That’s trickin if I’ve ever heard it. I’ve done some trickin my damn self on several occassions. What I find to be more funny than the myth that black guys don’t trick, is the stupid phrase, “it ain’t trickin if you got it.” Yes it is.  Tricks just say that so they don’t feel like tricks.  Its the same thing as homosexuals and the word homophobic, but that’s another blog in itself.

For the guys that don’t know exactly what trickin is, lets put something in perspective.  If you have a date with a girl and you go out and do any of the following in order to impress your date or increase your chances of getting laid, you ARE a TRICK…

Spend more than $50 on cologne.
Buy new shoes or clothes.
Pay for dinner or a movie.

Do the math and I’m sure it costs less just to give her the money in exchange for sex. Then there is always the possibility that you run into the Sluts vs. Whores (read the blog) scenario. You’ll get the one that would have fucked you for free, but is now offended that she may profit from the exchange. LOL.

Just food for thought next time you hear that black guys don’t trick.


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