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Boys In Boy Shorts – A Rant

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Why does this shit always happen to me?

Last night, my girl was going out late, and I don’t like her to have to put gas in the car late at night.  So I rolled to the gas station with her to put some gas in the car so she’d be straight and not have to stop and do it.

I get inside 7-11 and of course the gay black dude is loud as fuck… Why the fuck are gay black guys so fuckin loud? Back to the story at hand… Him and his “friend” or boyfriend (I couldn’t tell) come out of the isle to the counter and got in line behind another black guy.

So, now I’m in line behind these niggas and these niggas are saggin their pants with boyshorts on. WTF? Why the fuck are grown men wearin boy shorts? Not only that, these niggas had on little ass shirts to make sure you could see the shit.  This shit was so wrong on so many levels.

The nigga behind me just kept shakin his head.  At this point I’m just waitin to pay for the gas.  I do that, walk outside and these niggas have matchin cars.  Maybe that’s just coincidence, but completely gay.

Where the fuck did all these gay niggas come from suddenly? When I was younger, you didn’t see gay shit everywhere… Its a fuckin pandemic…


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