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Cellphones, Voicemail, and Texting

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I guess its time for me to post another rant, so here goes.  When texting first came about, I hated it.  I thought it was a dumb idea to turn a 2 minute phone conversation into a 10 minute waiting game.  Who the hell wants to have a conversation 150 letters at a time?

Some of you don’t yet realize how annoying texting is. Lets assume I want to ask you, “What’s going on for today?” I’d have to press 44 buttons just to ask you that.  If you’re lucky enough to have a QWERTY keyboard on your phone, its only 26 buttons. Then I have to wait for you to type me back.  God forbid you don’t get the message right away. Its gonna take 30-45 seconds to type it out, and God only knows how long for you to respond.

Who the hell wants to do all that when I could just press 7 buttons and ask you? That would take me less than 60 seconds to find out.

While I’m on the subject of cell phones. What’s with people that don’t leave a voicemail? Since when does everyone have absolutely nothing to say when they call you and you don’t answer? I’m sick of people saying they don’t leave voicemails.  If you call me, and I don’t see a missed call from you and you didn’t leave a voicemail, as far as I’m concerned, you didn’t call. I don’t care who was around when you made the call, if I didn’t get it, it didn’t happen.  That’s like doing your homework and swearing you turned it in. Do you think you’re going to get credit for that?

The next thing that I find to be really really really dumb is wasting money buying every new cell phone that comes out.  If you can afford to do that, go for it.  Don’t call me to borrow $10.00 after you just spend $400 on a new cell phone, when your old cell phone worked just fine.  Don’t ask me to borrow, give, or donate money so you can buy the new Blackberry, knowing damn well you just bought the new Blackberry last week.  For those of you who are slow, Blackberry releases too many damn phones, and I can’t keep up.

Personally, I’ll use a phone until it can’t be used anymore.  I have a Treo 650 that came out in 2006, and it works just fine.  I also have a Cricket phone. My Treo has touch screen and I can upgrade the memory with an SD card, check my email, use the regular Internet, download apps that do damn near everything the iPhone does, and much more.  Its about time Blackberry caught up.  Touch Screens were the shit 3 years ago, but some of you people are so damn late on technology. I bet somebody reading this right now still has daytime minutes (not you Vikki LOL).

Does anybody remember when cell phones first came out? I’m not askin if you’ve ever seen one, but if you REMEMBER when they first came out.  Wasn’t that the coolest shit ever? If you’re younger than 40 sayin you remember that, you’re full of shit LOL. They came out in the 60s, if you remember MASH, they had that shit in the military. Shit, I remember when cordless phones first came out, I hated to use a phone with a cord after that.

Speakin of old school shit, I found a pager in 2007 and I still have it. I can’t find anyone that will activate it. Fuck it, I figure if you like to push buttons and text, just page me. LOL. If anyone knows where to get it activated, let me know. Either I’ll do that or keep it another 3 years and sell it on eBay for $100,000.



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