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Computers and Dumb People

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I guess I have a somewhat interesting life, because dumb shit usually tends to flow in my direction no matter what I’m doing.

1. Last week, my computer screen goes out, and I had to borrow one from my friend’s dad.  Yesterday, he needed it back, so I go to the computer store to buy me a temporary replacement.

While I’m there buying the screen, DUMB (the sales guy) suggests that I get a diagnostic on my screen that blew out.  So I ask, “how much is it?” He tells me its $20.00 to find out what the problem is. So DUMBER (my best friend) says, “that makes sense, why don’t you just do that?”

Now my reply was automatic, and the sales guy thought it was pretty funny. “No nigga, that doesn’t make sense to pay $20 to find out what’s wrong with my broken screen, I know what’s wrong with it, its broke.”

DUMBER: “Why not just get it fixed?”
ME: “Because the screen I’m buying right now only costs $20 and its not broke.”

What is wrong with people these days? That’s my boy though, so he’ll be ok, I hope…

2. Now, for some other dumb ass shit that happened… I have a female friend that told me she wanted to kick it next week when her vistor leaves.  Cool… Enjoy your company and get back to me… Turns out she was talking about her period and it took me way too long (all day) to realize what the fuck she was talking about…

3. Back in high school, this guy got pissed off at me and a few of friends because we were talking in class.  So this genius decides he wants to embarass us… So he makes a scene and yells, “You guys are so (he pauses for affect) ININTELLIGENT!!!” For those of you who don’t know, that’s not the correct word, its unintelligent. Now the class was just silent, but me, my guy friend, and the 2 girls in the back with us, just die laughing… The teacher started laughing too… There are about 32 people in the class, why the fuck were there only 5 of us that realized this nigga just made a scene only to sound stupid as fuck? The teacher says, “I think you mean unintelligent.” and the rest of the class died laughing at this idiot… I’m just glad he shut the fuck up for the next few days.

People, please don’t draw attention to yourself, especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Think back to the scene in the movie Barbershop when they had the shellfish conversation…

4. If any of you missed the news… There was a dumb white lady that said 2 black men in a Cadilac kidnapped her and her daughter.  She supposedly was calling from the trunk of the car.  So I’m watching the news yesterday and this shit was hilarious… “Authorities immediately knew her story didn’t add up.” That’s some low key racist shit, if you haven’t caught on already. Why did these niggas have to be drivin a Cadilac? Why do authorities immediately assume she’s full of shit when she said black guys did it? Did niggas all of a sudden stop committing crimes and are no longer suspects?

Ok, so it gets funnier. This ladywas nowhere near where she called from.  In fact, she was at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. So the police just went there and arrested her dumb ass for making a false police report.

Here is where the story gets even dumber.  The news lady says this bitch is having financial problems, so she withdrew $12,000 from one of her many personal accounts to go to Florida.

How many of you with financial problems have an extra $12,000 just laying around in one of your many bank accounts that you can use? If I had an extra $12,000 I wouldn’t have any financial problems.  Turns out this brawd has over $300,000 in her accounts… I’m completely lost… What financial problems? Damn I hate rich people, always complaining about some bullshit… “I only have $300,000 left in the bank, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Shut the fuck up… That’s what you should do…


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