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Gay Niggas – No Homo???

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ok, I’m sick of hearin niggas say gay shit followed by “no homo” and act like shit is all good.  If you don’t say gay shit, you don’t need to say, “no homo” after you finish talking.  For example, if a white guy called a black guy a nigger, then said, “no racism” it would probably still be offensive.  If ya’ll niggas claim to be straight, stop sayin gay shit, its as simple as that.

On to some other gay shit that ALOT of niggas do.  Saggin. Ladies, here is some background info on saggin.  It started in prison as a way for gay dudes to advertise their ass, then it made it to the street and now we have 2 generations of street niggas sportin gay prison fashion.  How can a nigga act hard with his ass out sayin “no homo?”

For the ladies out there that like straight men, you might want to keep an eye on any guy with his ass out, sayin gay shit. He is probably not the thug you think he is. Take a look at an OG that has been to prison, most of them don’t sag cause they know what it means, and you definitely won’t catch em sayin gay shit followed by, “no homo.”  Just some food for thought.


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