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I Have Questions – Don’t Get Offended

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ok, I have a few questions based on personal observation. Feel free to drop me some answers.

Why do females assume that because you compliment them or you have sex, you are trying to start a relationship with them, even though you already told them you have a girl?

Why the fuck do people online not use punctuation but instead type entire pages of words with absolutely no punctuation and expect you to know exactly what they are talking about that shit is absolutely fuckin annoying I think they should have their fingers cut off If you didn’t notice this was one of those paragraphs I’m talking to you

WhY WouLD s0me One3 gO ThrOUgh alL tHe TroUBl3 oF tYpINg LIk3 ThIs?

I guess I’m just getting old, but usually when you use slang, it shortens the word, so you don’t have to waste time saying or typing the entire thing… What genius dumb ass kid started spelling the word “my” like “mii?” Who the hell adds extra letters to words?

Why do niggas hit me up “YELLIN” at me in all caps on the Internet becuase their girl sent me a message?

Since when is it gangsta to bang online? Don’t send me a message with blood and cuz all in it, like you bangin on me.  I guess that’s how niggas act hard these days. LMAO.

Why the fuck do people who put so many big ass pics and big ass background images that take forever to load on their main page, always ask you to go to their page to look at shit?

Who the hell takes 7,000 pics and uploads them all to MySpace, then writes on their page that they don’t have time for (fill in the blank)? If you have time to take 7,000 pics and upload them all, you have time for everything else.

Ok, I’m done for now… I might post a part two, but I have to pick up my girl from work… Holla at me with some answers…


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