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I’m Convinced Women Will Wear Just About Anything

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

For those of you that don’t remember my blog, What Do Women, Herman Munster, Andre The Giant, and Santa Have In Common?, I talked about women’s fashion. Well, I’m back at it again. This time, women have gone and took us back to 100 A.D. and broke out the Roman Gladiator Sandals. If you’re not a 10 year old kid on Halloween, or Russell Crowe, you shouldn’t be rockin 1st century footwear.

I often wonder how bullshit like this gets popular. Does someone sit around and watch old movies and rock shit they thought was cool when they were kids. I’m sure every guy thought Pirates were cool at some point, but you don’t see us sportin eye patches and huge hats with feathers (pimps are an exception).

Women, some of you need to stop jumpin on the bandwagon and pay attention to where some of this shit comes from. If anything from 100 A.D. is coming back into style, that means people are running out of new shit and creativity. Next summer, I wanna see women in African Tribal Gear. Bring that shit back.


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