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My Relationship Status

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ladies are always asking me about my relationship status, so I figured I’d go ahead and explain it.  To answer the question, yes, I have a girl, I have quite a few of them to be 100% real.  They all know about each other and some are even friends.

I don’t claim to be a player, pimp, mac, or any of those other cornball names that guys call themselves.  I’m just me and I like women.  God shouldn’t have done such a good job when He created them, then maybe I could get along fine with only one, but He did, and I can’t.

I like all types of women.  Big, small, short, tall, skinny, thick, dark, light, and white.  I really don’t discriminate when it comes women.  If you’re cool, then we can kick it.  If not, I don’t care how cute you think you are, I don’t kick it with boring, stuck up, women.

If you aren’t the jealous type, or you can deal with chillin with me as a friend without trying to start drama, we can definitely have a cool friendship.  If you’re looking for a man, I’m probably not the guy for you.  Just keepin it real.


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