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Question Of the Week – 07/11/09

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ok, lets make the question this week interesting, controversial, inflamatory, and just plain fun.

Back in high school a dumb nigga told me some smart shit, that I’ve never forgot. Are you ready for this small bit of wisdom?

“A female will always change her definition of a slut so it doesn’t fit her at the moment.”

That’s some deep shit, and this nigga ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so this weeks question of the week comes from that bit of advice.

How many guys do you have to sleep with for free over your entire life, before it makes you a slut?

Most of you know my take on it. Whores are smarter than sluts because at least they value their pussy and get paid for it. I’m thinking sluts do it for free to feel better about not selling pussy, which doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

I’ll drop one more hypothetical question in the mix.

If a girl fucks 20 guys in one week, and decides that kind of life is not right for her, so she become celibate and NEVER fucks again, but you’ve fallen in love with 20 guys over your entire life, had sex with them all, who’s more a slut if you’ve both had sex with the same amount of guys?


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