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Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, and Bullshit

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

OK, I’m back again, on a mission to see how many people I can offend with this post. LOL.  I meet a lot of dumb ass people that don’t even know how stupid they are, so without dropping names, I’m going to put some stupid shit on blast.

1. I’ll start with my favorite subject, racism.  The shit is funny to me. I don’t give a fuck what you say about how I feel about it.  Stereotypes are what makes racism funny.  If you’re black, and you go to the Fiesta buffet, and fill your plate up with ribs and fried chicken, you’re a stereotype.  You could have ate that shit at home.  But back to my original point, stupid people.

I’ve met some really racist people in my life, and the most interesting thing about that, is that they were BLACK WOMEN.  Yep, black women are the most racist people on the planet. Let me give you an example. “I don’t fuck with dark guys.” “I don’t fuck with light skinned guys.” “I only date white guys.” “I only date black guys.” Yep, that’s racism. Yeah yeah, I heard the “its my personal choice” BS speech before. What’s the difference between one of those statements and a store owner posting a sign that says, “Whites only?” Isn’t that their personal choice? But if one of these racist bitches were to see that, they would have a fit. Pots and kettles (think about it).

2. Now on to sexism, which I think is absolutely ridiculous.  I’m sick of hearin this equal rights bullshit from some of these dumb ass brawds.  I’ll give you an equal rights scenario.  If you’re a woman that wants equal rights and you hit a man, shouldn’t that man beat the shit out of you just as he would have had you been a man? Think about it.  I say, if you want equal rights, lets go all or nothin.

3. Discrimination is pretty damn funny.  For you women out there who have “types” of guys you do and don’t date, that’s discrimination.  I guess this could also apply to parts of the racism scenario.  Lets use the, “I don’t date dark guys” example.  Is your racist ass discriminating against me because of the color of my skin? I bet you’re the same dumb bitch that supports affirmative action. LOL.

If you’re one of these women, don’t get mad when you hear some racist shit come out of someone else’s mouth.  If a white guy doesn’t want to hire you because you have darker skin, don’t get mad.  He’s making the same judgment you made, isn’t he? It may be ignorant, but racist white people are just as entitled to their racist opinion of other people, as racist black women are.

4. Bullshit. Yep, you’re full of shit if you fit into any of the above, but get mad when someone does it to you.  Its hypocritical bullshit.  I think practicing what you preach is in order here.  If you’re a racist, don’t get mad at other people for being racist. If you’re sexist, don’t get mad if someone else is.  If you discriminate, expect to be discriminated against.

5. Let me put myself on blast for a minute.  I like all kinds of people.  I don’t believe in that black power, we need to stick together bullshit. When I bought my first house with no credit, a white guy hooked that up for me, and it was because of him I made over $60k when I sold it.  The black real estate agent said he couldn’t help me. LOL. Good lookin out.  When I was by myself at work and the guys came lookin for my homeboy, but started shit with me, the fuckin skinhead had my back when my other black co-worker left me hangin. He also GAVE me a gun, just cause he didn’t like “niggers” and specifically, those two “niggers.” Yep, that’s what he told me, and I just laughed.

As far as women are concerned, I like em all.  I don’t discriminate, except when it comes to dumb bitches.  I’m talkin about the one’s that are too conceited or stuck up to speak, except when they want somethin, and racist bitches off all colors.  I don’t care how cute you are, if you don’t speak or don’t want to fuck with me cause I’m dark, then want to when you need something, you should know in advance, I’m probably about to be an asshole and laugh at you in your time of need.  Yep, I do that to dumb bitches.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talkin about every woman in this blog, but if the shoe fits, you know what to do with it. For all the women that don’t fit into the above, congratulations, you’re a credit to the human race. The other ones deserve everything bad that happens to them, because they are horrible people on the inside. LOL…



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