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Technology and Antisocialism

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

When I was a kid, we use to do things, like interact with other people… Although I didn’t do it much, I still did it more than I do now.  The more advanced our technology becomes, the less we have contact with other people.

1. Why the fuck would people rather text than talk on the phone? Its a pain in the ass and a waste of time, especially if both of you are sitting at home doing absolutely nothing…

2. I’ve noticed a dumb ass trend online too… People who have MySpace and tons of online friends, but don’t want to meet anybody from the Internet… What’s the point? Who the hell needs or even wants cyber friends? If you never want to meet in person, don’t waste my time or yours trying to develop an Internet relationship… I guess it helps if you have a bunch of friends to protect you from cyber bullies? LMAO

3. Speaking of cyber bullies… why is there even such a thing? My first question is, when did kids become such pussies that they get bullied by people that aren’t there?  My next question is, when did kids become such pussies that they use the Internet to bully people?  In my day, we had REAL bullies and we didn’t kill ourselves because of it… LMAO… If you have a kid, that is pussy enough to kill themselves over cyber bullying… You should consider the idea yourself…

4. Cyber/Text Sex… That shit is lame.  If you don’t even have the balls or people skills to have phone sex, you should probably just pay a girl for the real thing.

5. Web cam shows… When did watching women on the Internet and paying $3.00/minute become the new strip club? If I’m going to pay $3/minute, I might as well get a lap dance from a REAL woman…

6. Does anyone else think the Internet is about to make the Library and Music Stores,  obsolete? I don’t go to the library for shit… and I definitely don’t buy CDs anymore… unless their blank… LOL…

7. In case you’re baffled about kids killing other kids in school, its not the parents fault… its technology… We have successfully engineered several generations of sociopaths because they no longer need or want human contact… They can probably play World Of Warcraft better than they can speak the english language… Its easy to be a psychopath when all you do is kill virtual people all day online…



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