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The Afterlife – You Might Get Offended

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

The idea of good people and bad people has always interested me. What I’ve always found to be an absolutely silly idea is the idea that when we die, our good deeds must out weigh our bad deeds and all will be good. Also the idea of reincarnation is amusing to me. LMAO

Do I believe in the afterlife? Yes, I do.
Do I believe your good deeds can outweigh the bad? Nope, not at all.

Problem #1
In order for this to be true, we’d have to have a chart of ABSOLUTE right and wrong, good and bad, good and evil.  Unless each person is judged by their own standards, which will then lead to all out chaos.

Scenario #1
Lets assume we are making a chart of absolute rights and wrongs. The 1st problem we run into, is who’s opinions do we use?

In some countries, girls get married and have kids at 14 or 15, and there is nothing wrong with that where they live. In America, that is viewed as wrong. So there is one point of conflict.

Some people (stupid people) believe spanking your kids is wrong and so the world has more out of control kids.  Some people (smart people) know better and helped raise a respectable generation of kids. Another point of conflict.

I could go on, but I’ll move on to the next issue.

Problem #2
How can you possibly do more good than bad? Is there some kind of system that makes good worth more points than bad or is 1 good action = to 1 bad action?

Scenario #2
Lets assume I find the cure for AIDS and it saves 2 billion people. Does that count as 1 good act or 2 billion? Lets assume it counts as 2 billion and tomorrow I want to go blow up a shopping center with 10,000 people inside.  I should still come out 1,999,990,000 good deeds on top, right?

Scenario #3
Lets assume cussing is bad. How many times per day do you cuss? I do it alot, and I’m sure the number of words I use per day exceeds 50.  So with that logic, I’d have to do at least 50 good deeds per day just to stay even with talking.

Do I believe there are good people and bad people? Nope, they’re all bad.

Problem #1
I’m not talking about EVIL people, I’m talking about good and bad. What makes someone a good person.  There is an old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Let me present something that actually happened:

There was a genius that was working in the field of physics. He was a Jewish guy that supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland. The United States asked him to help with a secret project. That project became the Atomic Bomb and was used to kill millions.  Now, ironically, Jewish enemies want to use it to wipe Israel off the map.  That man was Albert Einstein.

Slight problem. Was he a good man because his intentions were to help create a technology that could defend the United States or is he a bad man because that same weapon created to defend millions was used to kill millions?

The Bible has a verse I love to quote: “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.” – Isaiah 64:6

The actual Hebrew translation is a bit more harsh and basically calls our idea of righteousness an abomination to God. LOL.

Do I believe in reincarnation? LOL, definitely not.

Where do I begin? The point of reincarnation is to gain enlightenment and to atone for past transgressions. The first problem that makes this argument collapse in on itself is atoning for past transgressions.

What transgressions did I have to atone for when I first started the cycle?
What enlightenment can I hope to gain if I forget everything I’ve learned from all my past lives?

So now you might be asking, how do people recall past lives? They don’t. Most of you have heard of what does happen though.

The Greeks call them Daemons (the knowledgable ones)/gods. The Africans call them the Ancestors. Native Americans called them the Evil Ghosts. We call it demon possession.

The idea of reincarnation pre-dates the New Testament. The idea was wide spread throughout Asia and most other Eastern countries. Those countries are into mysticism and contacting the spirit realm.

Now, me being a Bible believing Christian, I happen to find that to be quite interesting. I’ve read many books: The Bible, The Book Of Mormon, The Quran, and The Satanic Bible. I’m also pretty familiar with the ideology of reincarnation, yoga, mysticism, speaking to the dead, tarot readings, channeling, automatic writing, demon posession, and various other weird supernatural things. Its a strange hobby of mine.

Do I believe in demon posession? Yep, I sure do.

Call them whatever you want, but demons exist. Want proof?

In some tribes in Africa, they believe that the spirits can take over a human body and control it. It can only be driven out through music.

Native American tribes believe pretty much the same thing.

The Tenach (Jewish Old Testament) teaches the same exact thing.

That’s 3 vastly different cultures on 3 different continents that have the same belief in spirits and how to get rid of them.  Coincidence? Probably not.

Well, they all also believe that these spirits can tell you about things that occured in the past, about anybody that ever lived. That’s why the Greeks called them Daemons, meaning “the knowledgable ones.”

That’s my extremely long way of teaching you something new and making the point that I don’t believe in reincarnation LOL.

Ok, I’m exhausted and I have a lot on my mind.


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