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Things That Annoy Me (Part 1)

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I’m sure this is the 1st of many parts to come, but there seems to be a lot of stupid shit that goes on around here, so here are a few that annoy me.

1. Five Percenters. From what I understand, they only believe 5% of the Bible. What I’m not clear on is which 5% and if you think 95% isn’t true, why bother with the other 5%?

2. Black Greeks.  Last time I checked, Greeks aren’t black.  Who’s dumb ass idea was it to take African tribal dance and combine it with Greek letters?  I’m going to assume this shit started with Alexander the Great and his conquering of the known world.

3. Columbus Day. For those ignorant to the FACTS, he didn’t discover America.  How do I know he didn’t discover it? Because I READ… Lets see.  Native Americans already lived here.  How do you discover some shit that people already know about?  Leaf Erickson (the Viking Explorer) came here before Columbus.  In fact, the only reason the country is named “America” is because of a mispelling on a map.  It was supposed to be “Amerigo” after the cartographer Amerigo Vespucci. Why the fuck is Columbus famous? This nigga was at least 4th in line to get here.  There’s also evidence that the Egyptians might have been here long before that, trading with Native Americans…

4. The word “irregardless”. For you jackasses that use this word, STOP.  You sound stupid. The prefix “ir” means “not” and serves the same function as the word “un” such as in “undo” or “unapproved”.  Its used as a negative prefix. The word “regardless” means: in spite of. So when you say irregardless, its a double negative, and they cancel each other out… If you don’t believe me, I pulled this from for you:

“Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s.”

5. The word “worser”. Why the fuck do black people always say this ignorant shit? There is no such word.  The word is WORSE no matter how bad it gets…

6. People who post threats online. Yeah, your dumb ass will go to jail.  Its considered a terrorist act. They’re not playin with you dumb fucks that like to broadcast your shit to the world.  Not only that, we know you not really gonna do shit… To quote my favorite rapper, Jay Z: “You should know, if you gon do somethin and you go to radio, we all know you frontin. They shootin, nobody dyin, somebody betta put somebody’s body on somebody’s irons sometime soon or somebody lyin, I aint buyin that shit ya’ll shovelin.” That applies to the Internet too.

7. “You feel me?” and “my nigga”. Its not the two phrases that annoy me, its just when you’re talkin to someone and every 2 words you have to hear, “you feel me?” or “my nigga”. Don’t fuckin speak to me if I have to listen to your 5 minute sentence that should only take 30 seconds to say… You feel me my nigga?

8. The U.S. Military.  Not all of them, just the stupid one’s that really believe they are fighting for our freedom.  How about this, if you leave everyone else the fuck alone, there wouldn’t be a need to fight for our freedom.  Just who the fuck is threatening our freedom anyway?  Terrorists? This niggas blew up 2 buildings in 2001 after your Government gave them $200,000,000… Then proceeded to let them in the country, learn how to fly planes, without learning how to land… I think the dumb asses at the top are more of a threat to freedom than any foreign person…

Not only that, hasn’t the military been blowin up all kinds of shit over there, trying to force democracy on the rest of the world, spending billions of dollars per year to blow up shit, then build it again, and we still have parts of America where people sleep on the sidewalk in tents… Greatest country in the world my ass.  Why the fuck are our (not mine lol) tax dollars being used to better everyone else’s country but ours?

9. Fuckin welfare bitches that can’t stay off their fuckin back.  I can understand if you’re with someone and you have kids and that person dies and you can’t take care of your kids.  There’s no problem with needing help.  If you have worked all your life and you need help making ends meet, no problem there either.  What pisses me off is all these dumb ass bitches that keep fuckin, gettin pregnant, and sittin on their lazy ass collecting money.  Bitch buy some birth control or get your fuckin tubes tied.  If you’re offended, so the fuck what? If you are under 30 with 4 or more baby daddies… no fuck that, if you have more than 4 baby daddies, and none of them do shit for their kids and your stupid ass keeps gettin pregnant, you should be in jail for being an irresponsible parent.

Yep, I said the shit.  If you already have 1 kid you can’t take care of, keep your fuckin legs shut.  That also applies to kids 2-7. If you can’t afford to take care of yourself and the kids you have, you should be locked up until you have some fuckin sense…

10. People that ask me what am I talking about in response to a message they send me. Let me explain.  If you send me a message asking me a question, and I answer you, and you respond and ask me what I’m talking about, you’re a dumb ass person.  I NEVER erase the conversation when I reply, because people like me, go back and read the conversation in case I can’t recall what we were talking about.  So, maybe you should try scrolling your dumb ass down and reading the last thing you sent me…


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