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What Exactly Is Cheating?

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Me and my girl have had this conversation a few times and we had to come up with a definition for cheating in OUR relationship. The majority of “normal” couples view cheating as being sexual with someone other than your partner.  Lets just take a look at the word for a second.

Cheating –  to practice fraud or deceit, to violate rules or regulations.

Now that we know what cheating is, all we have to do is define the rules and regulations of our relationship.  I’ll use my own for example.  I’m allowed to have a girl on the side and even do some trickin, and I don’t have to sneak around and do it. However, I do give my girl the respect of not telling her the details of what I’m doing because she asked me not to.  In fact, she just recently asked to see the other girl, and she thinks she’s pretty damn cute.

A deal breaker for us is becoming emotionally involved.  I don’t catch feelings because of sex.  I don’t talk to my side girl about personal shit, so I have no real personal connection to our situation, other than fun.  I don’t meet parents, brothers, sisters, friends, kids, dogs, cats, fish, etc… and neither does the side girl.  So by OUR definition, I’m not cheating because I have not violated any rules or regulations.  The side girl knows she’s the girl on the side, so there is no fraud or deceit going on.

For those of you who think our relationship is strange, I’m going to be real with you.  There are A LOT of WOMEN that I’ve come across that have told me they don’t care if their man fucks another woman, as long as she doesn’t know the details.  The funny thing about that, is the fact that her man doesn’t know she feels this way because he THEY DIDN’T DISCUSS THE RULES OF THE RELATIONSHIP.

I guess that goes back to that old notion that communication is important.  If they communicated, he wouldn’t have to sneak around and do some shit she didn’t care about him doing.  When he gets caught, they are usually more mad about the lying and sneaking than the actual cheating.

WOMEN, if you don’t care if your man messes around, tell him.  MEN, if you want to mess around, just ask for permission. If women don’t want a guy that cheats, find one that doesn’t.  If you guys want to mess around, and your girl doesn’t want you to, be single until you find one that doesn’t care.  It saves everybody plenty of trouble in the end.



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