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Women Don’t Want Real Men

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

As you get older, you start to understand a few things in life.  You do things you said you would NEVER do, and you learn that people don’t always say what they mean.

Women, for example want a guy that likes them for who they are inside (in most cases), but they put on make up to look different, heels to look taller (but very sexy), they have cosmetic surgery, get implants, wear push up bras, etc… in order to create what Chris Rock referred to as, “the visual lie.”

Women like to be lied to.  For example, if I tell 10 women I just want sex, chances are, only 2 (the real ones) will be game up front. Out of the other 8, you’ll get the following types:

Some that really don’t want sex (also real ones)
Some that do want sex, but don’t want to hear it up front (fake ones)
Ones that want you to be their man long enough to have sex (fake again)

If a guy really wants to have sex with a woman, he’ll lie and pretend to be everything she wants in order to get into her pants.  He knows that she wants to have sex, but that she doesn’t want to be honest with herself, so she fools herself into thinking its ok to have sex with a boyfriend, but not just some random guy that she doesn’t know.

NEWSFLASH: If a guy lies to you to get you into bed, and it takes him 3 months, you still don’t know him!!! You could have saved yourself 3 months of wasted time if you had just fucked him the first night… Congratulations, you get to move on and fuck the next guy, and the next, and the next until you find that right one… (see my blog Sluts vs. Whores)

If you’re one of those women that want a real man, just be real and say what you want up front because guys like myself that don’t want a serious relationship will respect it and tell you upfront, so that in the end, there are no hurt feelings, and no one feels like they were deceived.

Holla at ya boy when you want a real man…


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