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You Just Never Know (Part 1)

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Greetings people. I’m back again with another crazy tale from my crazy life. Its only Tuesday and my week has been more eventful than most people’s month.

Monday – Started out like any other normal Monday, except I design websites for models, strippers, porn stars, rappers, etc. So a friend of mine wants to put up her own website, and me being a great friend, I called my boy and he did a photo shoot for her on Friday. Fast forward to Monday.  She’s back over here running around half naked in shorts, just me and her. When I say half naked, take that shit litterally. She only had on these little ass shorts that her ass hung out of.

I know you want to know if I hit it. Well, no, I didn’t, surprisingly. Didn’t even try, but I did get a lap dance. I must be the only one that doesn’t pay attention to this girl. Friday, she shot some pics of her with a toy, had an orgasm in front of me, and it did absolutely nothing for me. I guess I’m not really into skinny chicks.

Tuesday – Another normal day except, as you guessed it, I design websites for models, strippers, porn stars, rappers, etc. Today, I decide I want my own social network just like MySpace, but with a twist. The whole goal is to help people launch their career. Yep, I’m a Nice Guy like that. I’m not even going to charge for it. I work fast, and those that know me, know if I have something in my head, I do it. Money isn’t really much of a problem when it comes to launching new ideas.  So I register my site at 9am, install the script by 11am, and by 1pm, is up and running.

I don’t officially launch until August, but its fully functional and you can sign up. For those of you who are career minded and want to pursue your talent, you should go there and sign up, FREE of charge. I have a bunch of changes coming, since its not even 24 hours old yet. Trust me, if you miss out on it, you’ll be pissed later. If you sign up now, you’ll be glad you did.

What I want to know from my readers, models, actors, rappers, etc… What would you like to see in a social network? What would make it beneficial for you to use? Much unlike Tom, you can actually get in touch with me. For now.


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