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Women Have It Way Too Easy

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 25, 2009

Have you ever just sat and thought about how easy women have it in life? If most women thought like men, they would never have to pay for a single thing, ever again in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met a few that do think like men and they have boat loads of money. Lets run through a few options that most women have, and most men will never have.

1. Get in clubs for free. – If you go to the club a lot, you know that for men, it costs to get in, unless you have a hook up.  Most women, however can get in free and party whenever they want.

2. Drink for free. – Not only do you get in the club free, but you can drink for free if you choose to.

3. Eat for free. – Usually when a guy wants to take you out, you get to eat for free and see movies for free if that’s part of the date.

4. Paid to have sex. – For the more adventurous, entrepreneurial type of women, they can make a ton of money. Men just give up sex for free, so women have the opportunity to capitalize on the men that don’t want to date to get laid, or just can’t get laid without paying. If you’re a woman that likes sex and money, you litterally would never have to work again, and you’d be getting paid to do something you enjoy.  Porn, prostitution, and escorting are cash cows.

5. Paid to dance. – Yep, female strippers make a lot of money. I know there are male strippers, but I bet there aren’t as many as female strippers.

6. Paid to look cute. – If you’re a woman that’s cute enough to model, you have all kinds of opportunity. Look at Vanna White, Tyra Banks, and Kimora Simmons. All of them were basically getting paid to stand around and be cute.

7. Paid to go on dates. – Not only do you eat and see movies for free, but some guys will pay just to be seen in public with a woman. That’s crazy to me, but it happens.

Now to the women out there that want to make the claim that they have “morals” and that’s not right to do the above stuff, shut up in advance. Its usually ugly women that say that anyway. LOL. Most women that are pretty enough to do it, do it. Again, as I’ve said before, women that look down on most other women, are the same women that give away sex for free, while looking down on the girl that’s smart enough to get paid.

Who else thinks women have it a lot easier than men?


7 Responses to “Women Have It Way Too Easy”

  1. uninvoked said

    That’s because the ugly women won’t get paid for any of those things, therefore don’t have the problem, and therefore have morals. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting paid to look cute. Especially when you take into account all the things we have to do in order to look cute.

    Have you ever dripped hot wax on your skin and then used it to rip the hair out of your follicles? Down there? I didn’t think so. Have you ever walked a mile in high heel shoes? Really high? Something tells me the answer is no.

    You are damn right we get paid to dance, eat for free, and otherwise make off with boatloads of money. It all goes back into looking beautiful anyway.

    • LOL. Never been waxed or wore heels, but nobody has to. Women choose to do that stuff. I maintain that beautiful women are beautiful regardless. Heels are sexy, but they don’t make you cute. Makeup makes me suspicious of what is really under there.

      As far as ugly women having morals, I wouldn’t say that. What morals tells ugly women that they should have sex for free? LMAO. Not being able to get paid to look cute doesn’t make you have morals. I don’t think it counts as morals when they don’t have the option. LOL.

  2. Olivia said

    In theory this is correct but the truth is men have it easier these days. Women have made them sorry. Yes, I say sorry because a lot of men look for the woman to do everything now. I heard there is a man shortage… it must be for dumb women to take care of sorry men.

    • I disagree. Women wanted to be treated equally, so they have to accept the consequences that comes with equal treatment. By your definition, women were sorry for thousands of years, now its our turn to take a break. LOL. This is what happens when people want to change the traditional rolls.

  3. uninvoked said

    You’re right, women don’t have to do any of the things they do to look beautiful. However, the “no one makes us” philosophy is almost limitless. No one makes me have a job. No one makes me go to university. No one makes me maintain a healthy weight. No one criticizes me for it either. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    You should be proud of me for noting reasonable things no one makes me do, instead of just saying something like “No one makes me breathe either, but I still do it anyway!”
    I can understand the concern over makeup, which is why I purposefully did not bring it up. I am fairly certain medusa can’t be hidden under foundation and mascara, but with a really good wig you never know.

    As for ugly women and whether they have morals or not, the dictionary definition of “morals” proves that you have a point. Next time I’ll refine my sentences a little better. -.-

  4. OUch! You’re harsh dude. I know plenty of gorgeous and virtuous women who won’t put out unless their in a relationship, but you probably won’t run into them dancing on the bar at your local watering hole. Yeah, I agree. I have it pretty friggin’ easy. I love the perks of being a woman, but at the end of the day I think we break even with men and the advantages they have such the biggest one being… Not having to worry if the person buying you drinks and dinner likes you or just your @$$. Fellas should know that if a girl picks up your calls, agrees to go to dinner and hangs out with you she probably likes you, but men…men will do all of the above and the second a womens heart and butt are in your bed it’s peace out and that can be devestating. We all have our advantages and disadvantages. Don’t be such a hater..player!

    • LOL. Women in relationships still put out for free. What if a girl is in and out of relationships all the time?

      As far as hating, not really, just stating the facts. Women don’t have anything to complain about really. If roles were reversed, I’d be selling dick and living life for free. LOL.

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