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How To Get Any Woman You Want – Reference Guide

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 28, 2009

I’m writing this blog for all of the guys out there that want to know the secret to getting any woman you want. Well, maybe not anyone, but for those of you who would like to become “ladies men” or enter the “player” occupation, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Confidence is a turn on to women. Being cocky to the point of being obnoxious attracts most women. Even women that don’t want to be attracted to you, will be. Just like dogs smell fear, women can sense when a man is less than confident about himself.

2. Dress the part. If you need to update your wardrobe, you should do so. The way your dressed isn’t always as important as you might think, but its better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

3. Hygeine is very important in this game. Shower at least once a day or more if you can. Deoderant and cologne are a plus in everyday life.  Cool Water is old, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is something about Cool Water that drives women wild. Get some, but don’t leave it in the car or the smell changers.

4. Clean your place. If a woman is comfortable in your place, she’ll want to come back, but if it isn’t, I’ll definitely hear the stories when she comes to mine. A clean place is a turn on for women.

5. This is the most important step for you guys that really want to increase your current “stable” of women.  Find a girl that wants and open relationship. If you can’t find one of those, find one that doesn’t want a relationship, and take her to clubs, parties, etc. Make sure she’s cute enough to make people wonder why she’s out with you. Women will notice her, thus making them notice you.

You don’t have to introduce her as your girl unless you want to. Either way, women will be attracted to you. There is something about competition that turns women on, especially if they think the other girl sees something in you.

Please remember, this is just a reference guide. For in depth information, stay tuned to the Player’s Guide. This information should be used with extreme caution. Always be honest about your intentions and don’t lead anyone on. That is a rule breaker and will only lead to problems in the future.


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Women Have It Way Too Easy

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 25, 2009

Have you ever just sat and thought about how easy women have it in life? If most women thought like men, they would never have to pay for a single thing, ever again in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met a few that do think like men and they have boat loads of money. Lets run through a few options that most women have, and most men will never have.

1. Get in clubs for free. – If you go to the club a lot, you know that for men, it costs to get in, unless you have a hook up.  Most women, however can get in free and party whenever they want.

2. Drink for free. – Not only do you get in the club free, but you can drink for free if you choose to.

3. Eat for free. – Usually when a guy wants to take you out, you get to eat for free and see movies for free if that’s part of the date.

4. Paid to have sex. – For the more adventurous, entrepreneurial type of women, they can make a ton of money. Men just give up sex for free, so women have the opportunity to capitalize on the men that don’t want to date to get laid, or just can’t get laid without paying. If you’re a woman that likes sex and money, you litterally would never have to work again, and you’d be getting paid to do something you enjoy.  Porn, prostitution, and escorting are cash cows.

5. Paid to dance. – Yep, female strippers make a lot of money. I know there are male strippers, but I bet there aren’t as many as female strippers.

6. Paid to look cute. – If you’re a woman that’s cute enough to model, you have all kinds of opportunity. Look at Vanna White, Tyra Banks, and Kimora Simmons. All of them were basically getting paid to stand around and be cute.

7. Paid to go on dates. – Not only do you eat and see movies for free, but some guys will pay just to be seen in public with a woman. That’s crazy to me, but it happens.

Now to the women out there that want to make the claim that they have “morals” and that’s not right to do the above stuff, shut up in advance. Its usually ugly women that say that anyway. LOL. Most women that are pretty enough to do it, do it. Again, as I’ve said before, women that look down on most other women, are the same women that give away sex for free, while looking down on the girl that’s smart enough to get paid.

Who else thinks women have it a lot easier than men?

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Frauds, Fucking, and Weirdos

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Ok, I’m back. I took about a week off to clear my head and enjoy certain aspects of my life. For the one’s that read my blog on a regular basis, you know that me and my friend “started” a modeling company. The more correct term would be “re-started” since we attempted once before.

Models are a strange type of person. They flake, they fuss, and they usually get the fuck on my nerves. I honestly don’t have the patience for this shit, but I like doing web design and my friends likes to take pictures, so its perfect for us.

Enough of that, I’m sure you want to hear about FRAUDS. Yesterday I was thinking about Einstein’s “General Theory Of Relativity” and how genius of an idea that was. Then I realized, Einstein was Jewish. I’m sure he had at least a general understanding of the Bible, but I’d venture to say that he knew it a little better than most.

Ya’ll know its not unusual for me to run across random things from the Bible, but it really didn’t hit me until yesterday.

Einstein’s Theory – Time and space are only relative from the point of view of the observer.

That’s an easier way of saying, if I’m having a long boring day, and your day is going by super fast because you are having fun, its all valid because the day is still moving at a 24 hour interval, we are just experiencing time differently.

David (Psalm 90:4) – “For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.”

Peter (2 Peter 3:8) – “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Yeah, that’s pretty deep when you consder that was written thousands of years before Einstein came around. It seems that both King David and Peter were aware of the fact that God experienced time in a different manner than we did. Not only that, but Peter takes it a step further than David.

Peter is basically saying that 1,000 years is like a day to God, but on the flip side, God can also experience one day as if it was a 1,000 years. To break it down a little. God can fully experience every nano second in a micro second, every micro second in a second, every second in a minute, every minute in an hour, every hour in a day.

I love reading the Bible, I always find something new.

Yep, I’m going to talk about fucking. I’m not sure if I’ve become de-sensitized to random sexual activity around me, but yesterday was interesting. I had 2 very pretty girls in my living room, neither of whom was my girlfriend. One ate the other one out in front of me and my friend and it didn’t do a thing for me at all.

For all of you thinking I might be gay, get that shit out of your heads right now LOL. I’d be thinking the same thing if I wasn’t me. I guess there are a few factors that played into it.  The more I see a girl, the less attracted I am to her. I’m not sure why, but the only acception has been 3 girls in my life.

One girl, when I first met her, I wanted to fuck her, but didn’t really put forth a full effort, and its been over a year and I’m no longer attracted to her. The other girl, I’m not sure, but I’m not into skinny women, but her legs are the shit. I’m thinking that had it been two different women, it might have turned me on. Which brings me to my next point.

Yesterday, me and my mom met at Barnes and Noble as we do every Tuesday. We briefly touched on how weird people with money are. The more money you have, the stranger you act. Liberache, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise to name a few. They are some weird fuckin people and the more money they got, the weirder they became. Let me give you a quick run down of those 4 people.

Liberache – if you’re ever in Vegas, visit the museum. This dude had a Rolls Royce covered in rhine stones, and that’s normal for him.

Michael Jackson – He turned his home into Neverland. That’s the place in Peter Pan where boys wore tights and grown men chased them around for some unknown reason, and wendy wasn’t welcomed. Seems gay to me. Michael was grown, just like captain hook, and there were always little boys around, but no girls. Whether you think he did it or not, that’s some weird and suspect shit.

Will Smith – Scientologist and swinger. Scientology was started by a science fiction writer. Will Smith was normal when Fresh Prince was on the air, but as soon as he started getting money and married fine ass Jada, they went off the deep end.

Tom Cruise – No explanation needed, just watch his interviews on any channel at any time. He’s a scientologist too, and also rumored to swing with Will and Jada.

Alright, I’m not knocking weirdos or swingers at all. I’ve been into swinging for a long time, but my girl only has her rare moments when we invite another girl in with us. I’m also into some pretty weird and kinky shit. If somebody that just met you happend to mention they needed a pin wheel, lube, a ball gag, and bondage restraints, how many of you would have that readily on hand at your house? Probably a few of you, but most of you wouldn’t. I just so happen to have those things to name a few. I also have leashes, collars, whips, costumes, etc. and that shit is starting to lose its appeal.

My financial situation has changed again, and now so have my sexual interests. What’s left to try? I’m not into shitting, pissing, or vomit. Definitely nothing gay or animals. Fucking random girls has become boring, and public places are played out. Who can help me with my delima and provide me with a completly strange and adventurous idea?

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Being Helpful or Being Stupid?

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Once again, I’ve managed to locate a few things in life that are stupid to say the least. I’m sure people that say it sound intelligent to some, but not really to me.

Remember The Band from Making the Band? If you heard the CD, then you heard Fred on the song “Fuckin With Me” This nigga said, “I’m a star, look in the sky, you need a microscope.”

Yeah, I actually heard people say that was tight. If you’re so fuckin stupid that you don’t realize you use a microscope to look at germs and small shit, you shouldn’t speak. This dumb nigga should have said TELESCOPE which is what you use to look at stars.

1. Speaking of stars, I keep seeing people post this shit on their profile, “shoot for the moon, if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.”

Now for the stupid people posting this, stop it. If you’re goal is the moon, and you reach the stars, that means you have OVER ACHIEVED. We’ve been to the moon, but we’ve never been to a star. If you are capable of reaching stars (metaphorically) then why the fuck are you aiming for the moon, unless your goal is to UNDER ACHIEVE? Think about it, we measure the distance to the moon in miles. We measure the distance to stars in LIGHT YEARS. For those that don’t know what those are. Its the amount of time it would take light to reach from the star to earth. Light travels roughly around 187k miles per second.

2. If you know I’ve lost something, don’t fuckin ask me “where was the last place you had it.” There are only a few options. I don’t remember the last place I had it, that’s why I’m fuckin looking for it. And the other option is, Its not in the last place I had it, otherwise I still wouldn’t be looking for it. Usually the first thing you do is look the last place you had something. People always say this shit, as if its clever and it actually helps you find shit. How many of you have just found shit because somebody enlightened you with the idea of looking where you had it last.

3. While I’m on the subject. Don’t tell me that I’ll find something in the last place I look. I fuckin know that, because once I find it, there is no need to continue looking for it. So logically, wherever I find it, is the last place I look.

Ok, I’m done for now, just wanted to get that off my chest real quick. Just amazed how many stupid people know how to work a computer well enough to show the world that they’re fuckin idiots. LOL.

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Women, Dead Beat Daddies, and Homo Thugs

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I’m back with another life observation. Lets talk about HOMO THUGS. This shit is out of control. Back in the day, you use to know who was gay and who wasn’t. Now, every nigga on the planet is suspect.

I’ve posted a few times about how saggin got started by homosexuals in prison and these gay ass young niggas think that shit is cool. I’ve noticed it before, but never paid much attention to it until yesterday.  These two niggas were walkin across the street in saggin skinny jeans.

I guess they figured out a way to make some gay shit look even gayer than it already did. I’m not much of a Ras Kass fan, but he said this shit back when I was in high school. “If the next new fad was Hip Hop fag, half these niggas ah be dressed in drag.”

I’m startin to believe that shit. Let me tell you my problem with skinny jeans. Only WOMEN should wear pants that tight. Plain and simple. Men shouldn’t have to jump and down to squeeze themselves into their pants. I know some of us older people remember those comercials with the woman in the mirror trying to get her pants on. Replace her with some niggas and you have today’s youth.

I put the blame on WOMEN and DEAD BEAT DAD’s. There are actually some dumb ass women that I’ve met that thinks its the thing to do, havin a baby daddy or just bein a baby momma. That shit is dumb and get dumber everytime I hear that shit. As a matter of fact, I feel like I get dumber everytime I hear ghetto bitches talk about anything at all (recent 4th of July party).

If you bitches stop lettin niggas bust nutts in you and run off, you wouldn’t be raising a generation of fuckin HOMO THUGS. These little niggas are confused as fuck. They were born male, but only have female influence, so now they gangbangin in mommies jeans. Not a good look at all.

I predict that next thug move is gonna be open toed sandals and speghetti strap shirts. If your son is stealing your jeans from your closet, and you are reading this, and you are not a man, whoop that nigga’s ass right now.

With all that said, every parent that has a kid that rocks skinny jeans needs their ass whooped immediately. If your kid doesn’t have a job and you give them money to shop, that means you are investing in turning your kid into a HOMO THUG. Stop that shit immediately.

Back in the day, In Living Color did an episode where everyone was gay and the straight kid was the weirdo for being straight. That shit is going that direction now.

Ok, now for some preachin on this homo thuggery outbreak. I knew this shit was comin years ago. Not because I’m psychic. Not because I’m super smart, but because the Bible said so. Amazing how much stuff you find in the Bible if you read it. Its always dead on accurate.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Yep, it was the cities full of homosexuals that God destroyed. I always wondered why the story was there, but its deeper than the homosexuality.

“And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous; I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.” – Genesis 18:20-21

“Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;” – Genesis 19:24

If you want to read the entire story, Genesis 18 and 19. That’s not the only place its mentioned. Its mentioned later in the NT and a very interesting point is made.

“The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” – Isaiah 3:9

“For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly; And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly; And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;) The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:” 2 Peter 2:4-9

For those of you not familiar, this entire chapter talks about the last days. It makes comparisons to the angels in Genesis 6 and Sodom and Gomorrah. The most interesting part is not in that body of the text that I posted. The chapter clearly refers to the end of the world. The part that puts it in real perspective is the very last verse.

“But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.” 2 Peter 2:22

For those of you that don’t understand that saying. It means, we don’t learn and we’ll do it again.

Damn I love how accurate the Bible is when it comes to prophecy. It won’t be long before they are parading through the streets again, just like in Sodom. Homosexuality is becoming the new straight, and you know exactly who I blame…

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The World’s Oldest Profession

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I’ve heard that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and it makes sense. It was around in Bible times, and it’s still around now. You only need 1 product and you can sell it over and over again, so the profit margin is ridiculous since you don’t even have to buy the product in order to own one. Unless you’re a man confused about your sexual identity.

After I wrote The Rules Of Bitches and Dogs, I really got to thinking. Bitches are endangering the world’s oldest profession. Men use to pay for pussy all the time. It was just a way of life. Now women just walk around giving it away for free because they have “feelings” for a guy. LMAO.

The only thing funnier than that is the women that think they are somehow better because they dont fuck for cash. Check the blog Sluts vs. Whores. Now, if you’re one of those girls walking around giving it up for free, what makes you any better than the girl getting paid? You’re definitely not smarter and it doesn’t make your morals more valuable. You’re both fuckin before marriage.

Why do the same women who talk shit about sellin pussy, go fuck a guy for free and act like they are some how better than a prostitute?

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The Rules Of Bitches and Dogs (Part 3)

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

Yep, had to post another follow up for the young bitches lol. Surprisingly, there were a few young women that agreed with what I had to say in Part 1 and Part 2.

The few that disagreed, were really in agreement with me, but didn’t realize it.  If you were one of the women arguing that men don’t stick around without sex, thank you from proving my point about staying a virgin until marriage.

If you are NOT with the first guy you had sex with and you are now on your 5+ guy and you have never been married, thank you for pointing out that sex before marriage is OBVIOUSLY not the way to get a guy to stick around. If it worked, EVERY woman would be with the first guy she had sex with. A GOOD MAN will stick around without sex.

I got quite a few messages from older women about Part 1 and Part 2. Amazingly, they agreed with what I said. They told me I was right about what I was saying and that younger girls should understand that there is more to a relationship than sex.  They also said I was a little harsh, which I was, but so be it.

Its like that dumb ass statement “its the 90s” when it was the 90s. It doesn’t really mean anything at all, it just sounds good. The 90s were more fucked up than any generation before it, and so it will be with every generation until the end of the age.

I’m just curious about what young women are teaching their kids by their actions. Our grandparents valued marriage and it was taboo to see a married couple sleeping in the same bed on t.v. Watch some old black and white shows like Hazel, Dennis the Menace, Lassie, and some others and you’ll see what I mean.

In this generation, we see randome people fuckin everywhere on t.v. People get married and divorced at a ridiculous rate. Nobody wants to actually work at making a marriage work. As soon as anything gets tough, they jump ship and start over, and so on in an endless cycle. Marriage has become a meaningless joke. It sounds like a good idea, but what’s the point if you know you’re the type of person that is just going to call it quits when times get rough?

For those of you who stand before God, and say your marriage vows, I wouldn’t take that lightly at all. I recall the words, “till death do us part” somewhere in there. That’s part of the marriage oath between a man, a woman, and God. So it seems that people either don’t give a fuck about their promises or they don’t give a fuck about God.

Short of getting beatin and your husband sleeping around, what’s the point of divorce? I’m sure that some guys want divorces, but from my personal experiences, it seems to be mostly the women, who don’t seem to respect their promises before God. If your man isn’t beating you or sleeping around, you should keep your promise you made before God.

“If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.” Numbers 30:2

“And if she had at all an husband, when she vowed, or uttered ought out of her lips, wherewith she bound her soul; And her husband heard it, and held his peace at her in the day that he heard it: then her vows shall stand, and her bonds wherewith she bound her soul shall stand.”  Numbers 30:6-7

“These are the statutes, which the LORD commanded Moses, between a man and his wife, between the father and his daughter, being yet in her youth in her father’s house.” Numbers 30:16

“When thou shalt vow a vow unto the LORD thy God, thou shalt not slack to pay it: for the LORD thy God will surely require it of thee; and it would be sin in thee.” Deut. 23:21

“When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowe” Ecc. 5:4

For those women that claim they believe in the Bible, it is pretty clear about making promises to God. I’m not one of those guys that speaks on the church fable of “shacking up” because that just isn’t in the Bible. If someone tells you it is, tell them to give you the book, chapter, and verse. With that said, its still a good idea to be married first. Sex before marriage causes a list of POTENTIAL problems:

1. STDs
2. Single Parents
3. Heartbreak
4. Men and women that have nothing special (virginity) to offer their spouse.

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The Rules Of Bitches and Dogs (Part 2)

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I guess Part 2 was called for since some women didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. I received more messages about it than comments, so I decided to post a follow up for all the single mothers that sent me a message.

If you’re a single mother with a deadbeat baby daddy, that’s your fault 100%. That may seem a little harsh, but let me explain.  Unless he raped you, you CHOSE to have sex before getting married. Last time, I said you should “get the ring first” and you won’t have to worry about that. Married men expect to have kids.

There’s another reason that women can’t find good men, that’s because there aren’t too many good women out there.  Lets look at it from a man’s point of view.  Why marry a woman when you don’t have to? Marriage USE TO be special. Women saved themselves until marriage and you knew you were the ONLY guy that had been with your wife.  You wait until the honey moon to finally have sex, and you get to be the first and only guy who has been with your wife.

Now marriage is a joke.  What’s the point? What does a good guy have to look forward to? Women share their body with any guy that they have liked a lot or loved over their whole life, then expect to marry a great guy.  It happens, but rarely.  Now all a guy has to look forward to is the same honeymoon sex that he’s been having, and there’s nothing special about it.  He can also look forward to spending the rest of his life with a woman that 5+ other guys have been with.  Yeah, that sounds like a good woman (sarcasm).

I’ve heard that bullshit about “we all make mistakes, and that’s true.  But if you’ve slept with 5,10,15+ guys, that’s not a mistake, you’re just a BITCH. Let me define bitch for those that didn’t understand last time.

Bitch – A female dog or woman that sleeps with males without being married.

Back to the point I was making the first time around. Stop sharing your body with every male you get in a relationship with. Then, don’t expect to find a good guy that wants to marry you when he DOESN’T have to. Again, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

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The Rules Of Bitches and Dogs (Part 1)

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I just realized, I should be a fuckin psychiatrist / psychologist / counselor / preacher / teacher / the guy that doesn’t want to go to school for any of it at all.

If I had a degree, I’m sure I’d be making lots of money, minus the $50,000 or more that I’d have to pay back. Enough about my laziness and lack of a formal education. Lets talk about bitches and dogs.

Disclaimer #1: I use the word bitch a lot in this blog to refer to both women and actual dogs. I also use it to compare women to dogs, so go ahead and get your offended look on your face before you continue reading.

1. Why is it that women feel they can call men dogs all the time, but the word “bitch” offends them? A bitch is a female dog, and yes, plenty of women are bitches.

Fuck it, I’m laying all cards on the table and I’m going to speak some absolute real shit. Lets travel back in time before I was born.  Lets say 1920. Women had it good. They weren’t exactly allowed to work and the MAN was the bread winner. Having sex outside of marriage was a social taboo and having a kid out of wedlock was social suicide. Spankings were common and America had a lower murder rate. Now, lets fast forward to present day.

2. Women wanted the right to work. The fought for it, and they got it. So why the fuck are there still so many women looking for a man to take care of them? Some women are “independent” by mouth only, but not in reality. I’m going to tell you the difference between men and women on this issue. A man is not stupid enough to fuck up a good thing. Lets put it in perspective.

Husband: You stay at home, raise our kids take care of the house and I’ll do all of the working.
Woman: That’s not fair, I don’t want to be provided for, and I don’t want to raise our kids full time. I want to work 8 hours or more per day, and let school, day care, family, and friends raise our kids for 8 hours per day.
Husband: You ungrateful bitch!

So now, thanks to women, kids actually have 8 hours less personal time with their mother. So that leaves t.v., radio, friends, etc. to fill that 8 hour gap. Women actually figured out a way to spend 1/3 LESS time with their children.

I would like to say THANKS to stay at home moms because your kids will probably grow up to be something other than domestic terrorists.

3. So now that women are “independent” and have the right to work, they have their own money. There is nothing worse than certain women having money. A lot of women are irresponsible with money, no matter how much they have.  Now that women have their own money, they can get their own place. Now that they have their own place, they can have guy friends over.

In 1920, it was unheard of for a guy and girl to spend the night together without being married. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, it just wasn’t socially acceptable. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, times have changed, FOR THE WORST!!!

Back in the day, it was the IN thing to be a VIRGIN, find a guy, get married, have kids, live your life. Now lets look at the “independent” women’s movement on this issue.

The process seems to be: find a guy, if you like the guy, fuck the guy, if it doesn’t work, just repeat the process.  Didn’t that use to make you a whore or a slut to have sex with lots of different men? Why is the norm to meet a girl that has been with 5 men or more and NEVER been married?

Here’s some advice for you unmarried women that have slept with more than 1 man, and you’re not married.  The next time you call a guy a dog because he lied to fuck you, or fucked you and left, or got you pregnant and isn’t there…

Pause for a Dr. Phil moment…

Dogs fuck bitches. Bitches aren’t married, bitches mate with the dogs of their CHOOSING, and bitches have babies that the dog father won’t be there to take care of.  I’m talking about actual dogs, but at the same time using them as a metaphor for people (for the slow).

4. A man can’t be a DOG if there are no BITCHES. Let me expand on that. If YOU were to lets say… keep your legs shut until marriage, you wouldn’t be worried about: guys being dogs or being a single parent. You wouldn’t have 5 kids with 4 baby daddies. That’s what you call a BITCH. A female dog that goes around fuckin and getting pregnant.

5. The next time you see a women with 4 or 5 kids and NO husband… she’s a bitch… unless she had a good man that died or she left him. Other than that, she’s a female dog.

If you need more than one finger to count how many men you’ve been with… You’re a femal dog. Yep, that includes my family, friends, and girlfriend. That’s what dogs do (male and female), they fuck with no marriage commitment.

I wonder why females complain so much about there being no good men. There use to be tons of them, but you wanted to be “INDEPENDENT” and didn’t appreciate it when you had a world full of guy raised to respect, honor, cherish, and protect your stupid ass.

Now what you have is kids at school for 6 hours a day… Both parents at work for 8 hours per day. 10 hours of T.V. per day. All those voids telling YOUNG MEN that pimpin is cool. Women ain’t shit. Video games, T.V., and Music that makes them feel like fighting and killing is the way to solve problems. The parents can’t be there to monitor it or explain it, so your kid is being raised over 50% of the time by outside influence.

Yep, I said you neglect your kids 1/3 of the day, but when you add in 8 hours for sleep, its really 50% or more of the AWAKE hours. So for you women talking about how you have “raised” your kids to do right, shut the fuck up and stop kidding yourself. You’re basically just suggest shit. They spend more time with everything and everyone else than with their parents, but that’s the way ‘INDEPENDENT” women wanted the world.

6. Now I’m back to my original point and I have a few tips / hints / tricks / suggestions to help you out.  If you don’t want to end up with a dog, simply don’t be a bitch. Lets lay down some rules:

a) Don’t fuck until you get married. If the guy won’t wait around until then, so the fuck what? You already know what he wants if he’s not willing to stick around. Just keep your fuckin legs shut. Dogs can’t fuck if there aren’t any bitches around to fuck.

b) If you find a guy that wants to take care of you, even though you’ve fucked the starting line up for a basket ball team (5 guys), then consider yourself a LUCKY BITCH and take the time to stay at home and RAISE your fuckin kids.

c) Stop havin kids without being married. Whether you know it or not, most guys really don’t want to take care of another man’s kids. That significantly drops your value in most guys eyes. No, its not wrong, its the way life is.  When lions take over the pride, they kill the other male’s kids. Its nature. Its not my or any other man’s responsibility to take care of another man’s kids. Its YOUR responsibility to have enough respect for yourself not to have a kid with a guy that doesn’t want you or his kid.  Get the ring first. Dogs can’t make kids if they don’t have a bitch to make one with.

d) Stop letting everything and everyone else raise your kids. Spank them little bad ass bastards. There use to be an old saying, “You can beat them while they’re young or let the police do it when they’re grown.” Yeah, I support spankings. I was spanked and my parents were spanked. Guess when the world started to get fucked up? When women and gay people tried to ban spanking, prayer in school, and basically all out attack anything vaguely related to morals. Such as the 10 commandments.  Yeah, they’re in the Bible, but they are still 10 basic good rules to live by regardless of your religion. But like I was saying, spend more time with your kids and less time at the club tryin to find the next guy to fuck.

If you spend more time runnin the streets than you do with your kids, you’re a bitch. Simple as that. That’s what dogs do. They raise their kids for 6-9 months and let them figure the rest of that shit out on their own. Lets do some simple math.

If you spend 4 hours a day with your kid, it would take you 6 days to get to 24 hours. Lets see, 6 days to = 1 day. It would take you an entire month, just to spend 5 days with your kids.

5 days for every month is what you give your kids. 2 months out of the year is all your kids get. That’s only 1/6 of your time. Let me really make my point. Out of 6 years, you’ve only spent 1 year or actual time with your kids. Lets assume you live to see your kids turn 60. That means out of 60 years, you’ve only spent 10 of those years loving, caring, and actually RAISING your kids.

If you’ve never thought of it like that, you should. Your kids shouldn’t be spending more time with teachers, t.v., radio, friends, and video games than they do with their parents.

My entire point: Bitches give birth to dogs. Men are dogs because women are bitches. When they get together, they make more dogs and bitches. Don’t be a bitch and you won’t attract a dog. A man CAN’T be a dog all by himself.

Disclaimer #2: If this blog offended you in anyway, so what? If you’re the female referring to men as dogs, and you fit any of the above, you should check out my blog about attracting people that are just like yourself: How To Find A Good Man Or Woman – The Secret – Dogs are attracted to their own kind. They don’t chase after cats, they chase after bitches. By the way, if this doesn’t apply to you, then don’t take it to heart. I’m not calling all women female dogs. And yes, I am a dog, but only because I have bitches to be a dog with… LMAO

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Women Don’t Know Shit About Their Friends

Posted by Mr. Nice Guy on July 24, 2009

I have a friend and me and him have been friends for about 10 years. We’ve met lots of girls and messed around with lots of girls. One thing that we do know about women is something that women don’t know about themselves. WOMEN DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THEIR FRIENDS. I’ll share a few stories.

1) I met a white girl a while back, and we were friends. Actual friends and absolutely nothing sexual going on.  One day she came over with her friend that “didn’t fuck with black guys” and she was cool as hell. We were play fighting and all kinds of silly shit. Guess who calls me the next day and wants to fuck a black guy for the first time? I didn’t end up doing it, but my friend was telling me that her friend wouldn’t talk to me because I was black.

2) I have a friend that I’ve known since 7th grade. She use to be my girlfriend, but we are just good friends now. She has a friend that she swore would NEVER fuck with me. Not only did I fuck her friend, I did it the first night.

3) Another older female friend told me her sister was stuck up and wouldn’t fuck with me cause she doesn’t like dark guys.  Yep, I did that too. Both of them. LMAO

4) Most recently, my current girlfriend has a friend that is kinda cute. I was just playing around and mentioned having a 3 some to my girl. My girl proceeds to give me a long list of reasons why her friend WOULDN’T be down to do it. The main reason being “we’ve known each other too long.” My girl tells me that if her friend says yes, we can do it, but she knows she’s going to say no. So, I asked her friend, and her friend said: “I’m down, we’ve known each other for a long time, so I would be comfortable with that.” Funny how the same reason that she was supposed to say no was the very reason she said yes.

5) My homeboy is fuckin hillarious. I’m not sure exactly what he says to girls, but he has an above average track record for proving girls wrong.  About 90% of the time he ends up fuckin the girl that don’t mess with: big niggas, dark niggas, niggas with a girl, and rude niggas. Yep, that’s him and he makes a lot of progress.

6) One of my favorite moments involves 2 girls from high school. One was a very good friend of mine and the other was the stuck up girl that everybody wanted to fuck with, but couldn’t get the time of day from her.  My friend was good friends with her and she told me that this girl would NEVER talk to me because she was stuck up and mean.  Well, I started a conversation with her and we actually had fun that night. The next night she called me and came over and spent the night.  Turns out she was only miserable because nobody talked to her because they thought she was stuck up. She was just lonely. LMAO…

These are just 6 examples, mostly because my fingers hurt from typing all damn day. But the conclusion we have come to is that women don’t really know as much as they think they know about their friends.

So now ladies, let me ask you this.
Why do you ASSUME you know what your friends are going to say?
Why do you like to decide who they will and won’t talk to without even bothering to ask them?
Why are you trying to control your friend’s lives without their permission?
Don’t you think that is a little selfish?

If a girl tells me her friend likes one of my friends, I’m not going to tell her that he won’t talk to her because of xyz… He’s a grown man, just like your friends are grown, and they can make their own decisions.

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